Message from the Chairman

2020-07-13 13:33:47BY:guoyan
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Dear friends,

Development Research Think Tank of China (DRTT) is a think tank consulting and communication platform initiated by China Development Press, directly affiliated to Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), against the backdrop of China’s efforts to build high-level think tanks. Based on DRC’s advantages in experts as China’s national high-level think tank, DRTT integrates think tank resources of national ministries and commissions as well as universities in Beijing, so as to innovatively develop cultural industry with think tank as its core business. DRTT is currently conducting and exploring its business in seven areas, including consulting and research, publishing and media, conference and exhibition, big data, education and training, intelligent finance, and think tank parks. As the operation institution of brand “DRTT”, Guoyan Culture and Media Group is authorized by the DRC, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million.

DRTT strives to contribute to people’s overall development and high-quality development of economy and society, by adhering to its development concept of “gathering wisdom, creating value and spreading civilization”. Over the past six years since its establishment, DRTT has gradually formed a quaternity research system of “consulting research, index research, forecasting research, and brand research” and a “consulting +” model, thus providing full-process services including top-level design, resource introduction, innovation management, and brand optimization for local governments and enterprises. We’ve built the well-known brand “DRTT” and sub-brand “DRTT Forum”, with a number of large-scale forums and activities held. Guided by corresponding national press and publication administration and supported by special national financial fund, we worked with China Development Press to establish the “Internet Think Tank Service Platform based on Macroeconomic Database”, which is operated by DRTT, by integrating book and periodical resources owned by China Development Press and China Development Observation Press. In 2016, we established the first think tank science park in China, namely, China Think Tank Innovation and Science Park (Development Research Think Tank Innovation and Science Park of China, abbreviated as “DRTTISP”) in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (E-town), with think tank business as the theme and “think tank, wisdom, smart manufacturing, and intelligent finance” as the main business types. In 2017, we put forward the concept of “intelligent finance”, and established the Beijing International Intelligent Finance Industry Demonstration Zone, which has become the Comprehensive Pilot Unit on Further Opening up Beijing’s Service Sector. Meanwhile, we also established a trinity scientific decision support system with well-known organizations by integrating big data, cloud computing and other related resources.

Our development vision is to build a 100-year-old brand and make contributions to the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life can sincerely communicate with us and join us in making new progress and breaking new grounds together!

            Bao Yueyang

June 9, 2020